Brilliant Water Solutions
Briliant Water Solutions' (BWS) main focus is the supply of solutions for a variety of water treatment challenges in the Oil & Gas industry. We have created solutions based on the technologies in our portfolio for:
  • Produced Water (for overboard discharge and re-injection)
  • Polymer Flooding
  • Completion Fluid Filtration
  • Base oil recovery
  • re-injection water 
  • Frac water treatment
  • Innovative Technology
Brilliant Water Solutions bv has developed new techniques based on a variety of patented technologies for a range of multi phase liquid separation applications. BWS provides solutions to specific problems encountererd in a number of industries.
Optimum Solution
We are based in the Rotterdam Botlek area with our offices, workshop, lab and testloop in one location. The environment offers us the opportunity to develop solutions from a simple labtest to a fully upscaled trial.
Attention to continuous process development enables us to progressively expand the range of applications. Our engineers visit (offshore) sites to evaluate specific problems, produce feasibility studies and organise pilot trials to provide the optimum solution in terms of capital cost and operating efficiency.
Expanding Network
We seek to create a network of global distributors that can bring the benefits of Brilliant Water Solutions to solve a variety of multi-phase separation challenges. BWS actively works to extend this network and expand our reach by developing partnerships in new countries and markets.
Let's  Work Together
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